what different types of aerials are there

What is a TV antenna?

A TV antenna or also famous as the tv aerials in the market is a device that is attached with the television and is used to receive the signals or the frequencies in the air so that the audience can enjoy watching the various TV channels. This device is made up in different designs to suit the need of the TV and to receive the variety of signals that are there. There are different types of antennas and most of them are used by people living in different settings.

Different types of TV aerials:

The different types of TV antennas can be divided into two. The wide classification includes the

· Indoor antennas

· Outdoor antennas

While looking at the indoor antennas, it can be said that its design allows it to be placed inside the house near the television or on top of it. It is also known as the bunny aerials or the rabbit ears. The different types of indoor antennas include the dipole antennas and the loop antennas.

The outdoor antennas are made for installation on the top of the roof. The several types include the yagi antennas, phased array and the log-periodic antenna.